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Some people love to stay alone and they feel more comfortable alone. But there are many ways to tell people that they like to stay alone. You can have the Alone Status on your WhatsApp and Facebook profile. There are different types of Alone status which you can have on your WhatsApp Status and Facebook Status that really touches the soul.

Some Alone status explains that you have lost and you do not know where to find the happiness and how. So I might go to that place where I can have happiness but this is also a fact that I didn’t remember that place as well. Sometimes we are alone and we feel like we are lost and don’t know where to go and how to find the way out.

Meaning of Alone status basically is that we are all alone and we have no place to go and there is no way out and we don’t remember which door is the destination of happiness.

Alone Whatsapp Status

100+ Feeling Alone Status for Whatsapp in English

Alone status also helps in explaining your internal feelings to all the people are on your WhatsApp and Facebook Profile Status. Some of the people are really abscessed with the quotes and sayings and love to set the Alone status. There are some situations that make us feel so lonely, that is if someone hurt you badly, your loved one left you and etc. Here are some best collection of Feeling Alone Whatsapp Status in English that you can share with your friends.

Alone and Lonely Whatsapp Status

1) I Restore Myself When I’ Alone.

2) Time To Be Strong, To Walk Alone.

3) I Am Tired Of Waiting For Nothing.

4) Some Walks You Have To Take Alone.

5) It’s Too Hard To Stay Alone In Life.

6) I Am Tired Of Falling In Love Alone.

7) Just Leave Me Alone. I Know What To Do.

8) I’M Not Alone But I Am Lonely Without You.

9) I’M Not Alone. I Have My Imaginary Friends.

10) They Will Ignore You, Until They Need You.

11) Never Lose Your Hope, Even If You Are Alone.

12) I Am Not Alone, But I Am Lonely Without You.

13) I Care For Someone Who Doesn’t Care About Me.

14) You Aren’t Going To Leave Me Alone, Are You ?

15) I Just Need A Little Time Alone…To Recharge.

16) Being Alone Is More Painful Than Getting Hurt.

17) I Am Trying To Be Alone Without Feeling Lonely.

18) I Love Listening To Lies When I Know The Truth.

19) I’M The Person Everyone Replaces After A While.

20) Being Alone Is More Painful Than Getting Hurt !

21) I Wish I Could Ignore You, The Way You Ignore Me.

22) It’s So Lonely When You Don’t Even Know Yourself.

23) I Work Well With Others When They Leave Me Alone.

24) It’s Better To Be Alone Than To Be In Bad Company.

25) If You Want To Be Strong Learn How To Fight Alone.

26) Sometimes I Feel Like I Am Completely In The Dark.

27) It’s So Lonely When You Don’t Even Know Yourself.

28) If You Want To Be Strong Learn How To Fight Alone.

29) Don’t Let Me Go Because I’M Tired Of Feeling Alone.

30) Sometimes The Biggest Smile Contains The Most Pain.

31) I Promise To Never Let You Feel Alone In This World.

32) Sometimes, The Biggest Smile Contains The Most Pain.

33) Sometimes, I Think Too Much And Then Make Myself Sad.

34) Living Alone Makes It Harder To Find Someone To Blame.

35) I Never Feel Alone Because Loneliness Is Always With Me.

36) Hurt Me With Truth But Please Never Comfort With Lies.

37) Life Goes On : Who Can Not Be On Time – Remains Alone.

38) Sometimes It’s Better To Be Alone, Nobody Can Hurt You.

39) I Am Like Being Single. I’M Always There When I Need Me.

40) Life Could Be Wonderful If People Would Leave You Alone.

41) And Then I Think That May Be I Was Designed To Be Alone.

42) I Like To Be Alone. But I Would Rather Be Alone With You.

43) Don’t Be Scared To Walk Alone. Don’t Be Scared To Like It.

44) If You Speak Alone All The Times You Will Always Be Right.

45) If You Are Afraid Of Being Lonely. Don’t Try To Be Right.

46) Leave Our Boundaries Alone. Let Us Solve Our Own Problems.

47) It’s Better To Be Unhappy Alone Than Unhappy With Someone.

48) Living Alone Means Never Having To Close The Bathroom Door.

49) You Call It Being Alone. I Call It Enjoying My Own Company.

50) I’M That Fool Who Lied To Myself That You’ll Never Leave Me.

51) A Meaningful Silence Is Always Better Than Meaningless Words.

52) Some People Change Your Life, Then Leave Without Explanation.

53) The Hardest Walk Is Walking Alone But Its Also The Strongest.

54) Lonely Is Not Being Alone, It’s The Feeling That No One Cares.

55) Loneliness Is When You Have Nobody To Say That You Are Lonely.

56) It Sucks To Be Alone, Even When There Are People All Around You.

57) Always Stand For What Is Right, Even If You Are Standing Alone.

58) I Almost Hate Letting People In Life Because They Always Leave.

59) I Don’t Hate People, I Just Feel Better When They Aren’t Around.

60) Always Stand For What Is Right, Even If You Are Standing Alone.

Alone Whatsapp Status

Alone Whatsapp Status Images Pictures Wallpapers with Quotes

Some alone whatsapp status image really touches the heart and for sure it is true that your heart is very precious you must not hurt your heart for someone who doesn’t deserve your love and sincerity. Well, when we are living a wealthy life so people think that we have everything in our life and nothing is missing but they have no idea. I am so empty behind these walls because my heart is not happy from inside so these things do not matter. Check Out Collection of Alone Status Images Pictures with Quotes.

Alone Whatsapp Images Pictures Wallpapers with Images

Alone Whatsapp Status Image

I Feel Lonely Every Single Day of My Life But, I’m Ashamed to Admit that to the People Who Love Me.

Alone Whatsapp Status Image

The Capacity for not Feeling Lonely can Carry a Very Real Price, that of Feeling nothing at All.

Alone Whatsapp Status Image

Sometimes I wish Someone out there will find me. Till then I walk Alone.

Alone Whatsapp Status Image

I want to be with those who secret things or else alone.

Alone Whatsapp Status Image

I never said, ” I want to be Alone. ”  I Only Said, ” I want to be Left Alone. ” There is all the

Alone Whatsapp Status ImageCrying Doesn’t Leave any Good But It’s the Only Way I’ve Found.

Alone Whatsapp Status Image

Everything’s Complicated, Even Those Things that seem flat in their Bleakness or Sadness.

Alone Whatsapp Status Image

People Leave Because It’s easier to Walk Away than to fight for what they Really Want.

Alone Whatsapp Status ImageAbsolutely Lonely People Have few Personal Interactions of Any Kind.

Alone Whatsapp Status Image

I don’t want to be Alone. I want to be Left Alone.

Alone Whatsapp Status Image

Waiting for You like waiting for Rain in Drought – Useless and Disappointing.

Alone Whatsapp Status Image

When I’m Alone I think of So Many things to say to You, But When I have a Chance to Tell You, I go Speechless.

Alone Whatsapp Status Image

We Come into this World Alone. We Leave this World Alone. Everything Else is Optional.

Alone Whatsapp Status Image

I am not Alone. Because Loneliness is Always with Me.