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Everyone in this world shows an attitude and this is for those who are surrounding them. There are two types of attitude one is a positive attitude and one is a negative attitude. Always use your right attitude at the right time and at the right place. Showing your attitude to the right person and at the right time is an art. There are few people in this world they know when to use the attitude and where to show it.

Well if you can’t show your positive or negative attitude by speaking to that person you can show it indirectly by using an Attitude status. You can easily use the Attitude status on your WhatsApp and Facebook profile and you can show the attitude to someone or to the world. Showing an attitude is not a bad thing. Sometimes if we want to convey any message to people or to the world we mostly use this attitude whatsapp status to express our thoughts and feelings.


53+ Attitude Status for Whatsapp in English

Those people who are proud and think that they are something and the world is nothing they always make use of the attitude status negatively and this shows how proud they are which is not right at all. But you can also apply good quotes and sayings in your whatsapp attitude status by giving good and positive messages to motivate people who you actually cant verbally.

Always use your attitude at the right time and it will always work. If you will do this so this is going to be the secret to your success. If you will use your attitude positive or negatively with a right person professionally as well so it will be a great message for people as well. There are numerous attitude status are available in different categories so you can select the one you want according to your mood and subject for your status.

Attitude Status for Whatsapp

Attitude Whatsapp Status

  1. Waiting For Wi-Fi Network.
  2. I Forgive But Never Forgot.
  3. I May Be Wrong. But I Doubt It.
  4. Nobody Move. I Just Lost My Mind.
  5. I Am Hot Dude With A Cool Attitude.
  6. Sorry Vegetarians We Can’T Pretend.
  7. Follow Your Heart But Don;T Be Stupid.
  8. My Attitude Based On How You Treat Me.
  9. I Not Perfect But I Am Limited Addition.
  10. I’M Cool But Global Warming Made Me Hot.
  11. Stop Checking My Status ! Go Get A Life!
  12. I’M Not Nerd. I Am Just Smarter Than You.
  13. I’M Sorry If I Change But You Changed Too.
  14. I Am Who I Am. Your Approval Is Not Needed.
  15. I’M Not Special , I’M Just Limited Edition.
  16. Your Silence Is The Best Response To A Fool.
  17. I Am Me And I Won’T Change Myself For Anyone.
  18. Yeah You – The One Reading My Status, Get Lost!
  19. Don’T Copy My Attitude Because It’S My Attitude.
  20. When I’M Good I’M Best , When I’M Bad I’M Worst.
  21. Hurt Me With Truth But Never Comfort Me With Lie.
  22. The Biggest Slap To Your Enemies Is Your Success.
  23. You Say I Dream Too Big. I Say You Think To Small.
  24. Don;T Show Me Ur Attitude As You Can’T Handle Mine.
  25. I Don’T Have A Bad Handwriting, I Have My Own Font.
  26. My Attitude Will Always Be Based On How You Treat Me.
  27. I Never Insult People I Only Tell Them What They Are.
  28. My Level Of Maturity Changes Depending On Who I’M With.
  29. Attitude Is A Little Thing That Makes A Big Difference.
  30. I Allow Myself To Be Badass Confident In All That I Do.
  31. Style Is A Reflection Of Your Attitude And Personality.
  32. You Are A Designer Of Your Own Destiny. Make It Better.
  33. I may win and I may lose, but I will never be defeated.
  34. Don’T Take My Kindness As A Sign Of Weakness.
  35. Excellence Is Not A Skill. It Is An Attitude.
  36. Everything That Kills Me Makes Me Feel Alive.
  37. I’M Sorry My Fault. I Forgot You’Re An Idiot.
  38. I’M Poor. I Can’T Pay Attention In Class Room.
  39. Before You Judge Me, Make Sure You Are Perfect.
  40. You Attitude May Hurt Me But Mine Can Kill You.
  41. If You Think I Am Bad Than You’Re Wrong, I’M The Worst.
  42.  I Know I Am Awesome, So I Don’T Care About Your Opinion.
  43. I Don’T Need To Explain Myself Because I Know I’M Right.
  44.  People May Hear Your Words, But They Feel Your Attitude.
  45.  My “Last Seen At” Was Just To Check Your “Last Seen At”.
  46.  The Best Way To Destroy An Enemy Is To Make Him A Friend.
  47.  Me And My Wife Live Happily For 25 Years And Then We Met…
  48.  I Wish I Had Google In My Mind And Antivirus In My Heart.
  49.  I’M Not Changed It’S Just I Grew Up And You Should Try Too.
  50.  Fake People Have Image To Main. Real People Just Don’T Care.
  51.  Of Course, I Talk To Myself, Sometimes I Need Expert Advice.
  52.  Life Is Too Short. Don’T Waste It Removing Pen Drive Safely.
  53.  Life Will Give You Exactly What You Need, Not What You Want.