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Many people face many different difficulties in their life not only emotionally and financially but also physically and it is really painful for them. Insomnia is one of a disorder which is found in people of any ages. Mostly people having insomnia disorder are older age people. Due to this problem, they can’t sleep in the night which rest of the world is sleeping. You can upload the insomnia status on your WhatsApp or Facebook Story Status when others are sleeping in the night and let them know what are you facing..

insomnia status

Insomnia Quotes for WhatsApp Status & Facebook Story

People having the difficulty in sleeping they do not go back to sleep once they get up after a small sleep this is a major problem that once they wake up they will not go to sleep again and their mind gets disturbed because eyes are shutting and the brain doesn’t want to sleep. There are so many insomnia status are available to let others know you are still awake.

Heir is no treatment of this disorder you remain awake and once you fall into sleep you just need a silence place to have a sound sleep. You can upload any type of insomnia status on your WhatsApp Status or Facebook Story Status. From those who are involved in this disorder will go through that not only them but there are so many people suffering from the same problem.

Insomnia Quotes & Insomnia Sayings

1) Error 4:04 Sleep Not Found !

2) Insomnia Is My Greatest Inspiration.

3) I Am A Daydreamer And A Nightthinker.

4) Sleep Is Such A Luxury, Which I Can’t Afford.

5) My Mind Decides To Run When Normal People Sleep.

6) Insomnia : A Thief That Robs From Me Every Night.

7) My Insomnia Level : Creative Mind Never Sleep.

8) I Will Not Sleep Until I Find A Cure For My Insomnia.

9) I Think Insomnia Is A Sigh That A Person Is Interesting.

10) At Night, I Can’t Sleep. In The Morning, I Can’t Wake Up.

11) The Worst Thing In The World Is To Try To Sleep And Not To.

12) I Wasn’t To Sleep But My Brain Won’t Stop Talking To Itself.

13) Morning: Tired, Afternoon: Dying For A Rest, Night: Can’t Sleep.

14) Do Not Believe All The Things You Tell Yourself Late At Night.

15) I Only Sleep With People I Love, Which Is Why I Have Insomnia.

16) Every night, It’s An Endless Battle Between Sleep & The Internet.

17) Dear Mind, Please Top Thinking So Much At Night. I Need To Sleep.

18) Mu Nights Are For Overthinking, My Mornings Are For Oversleeping.

19) I’M So Tired But I’ll Probably Be Awake Until 3 Am For No Reason.

20) i have forgotten what it’s like to have a normal sleeping pattern.

21) Nothing Cures Insomnia Like The Realization That It’s Time To Get Up.

22) I Think The Most Common Cause Of Insomnia Is Simple; It’s Loneliness.

23) Insomnia Is A Glamorous Term For Thoughts You Forgot To Have In The Day.

24) With Insomnia, You’re Never Really Awake, But You’re Never Really Asleep.

25) Insomnia Is Just Another Word For Chit Chat With The Demons During Bedtime.

26) I Struggle Between Wanting To Stay Up Late And Wanting Extra Hours Of Sleep.

27) There’s No Such Thing As Insomnia. Just A Lot Of People With Internet Access.

28) Every Night I Go To Sleep Late, And Every Morning I Realize It Was A Bad Idea.

29) I Don’t Always Go To Bed At 10:30 Pm. But When I Do, I Fall Asleep At 3:00 Am.

30) Dear 3 Am, We Have Got To Stop Meeting This Way. I’D Much Rather Sleep With You.

31) The Last Refuge Of The Insomniac Is A Sense Of Superiority To the Sleeping World.

32) It’s Hard To Sleep At Night When There’s So Many Thoughts Going Through Your Head.

33) Insomnia – The Art Of Falling Asleep Just As Your Alarm Goes Off To Start The Day.

34) If You Can’t Sleep, Then You Can’t Dream, If You Can’t Dream, Then What’s Life Mean ?

35) Loneliness, Insomnia, And Change : The Fear Of These Is Even Worse Than The Reality.

36) I Have A Condition That Makes Me Eat When I Can’t Sleep. It’s Called Insom-Nom-Nom-Nia.

37) 3 Out Of 4 Voices In My Head Want To Sleep. The Other Wants To Know If Penguins Have Knees !

38) Why Sleep, When You Can Stay Up Late Every Night Being Sad, Then Feel Like Shit The Next Day.

39) My Body And Heart Weren’t Made For This. I’M Tired Of Being Tired And I’M Tired Of Being Sad.

40) Legend Says, When You Can’T Sleep At Night, It’s Because You’re Awake In Someone Else’s Dream.

41) Only He Who Has Not Suffered From Insomnia, May Think That Everything Is As Good As It Could Be.

42) I Lay In Bed, For Hours In The Dark, At Night. Thinking About, Every Possible Thing, In My Life.

43) I’M Going Insane But That’s Okay Because My Grades Are More Important Than My Mental Health Anyways.

44) When You Have Insomnia, Nothing Was Real. Everything A Far Away, Everything As Copy Of Copy Of Copy.

45) Crying Is The Only Way Your Eyes Speak When You Mouth Cant Explain How Things Made Your Heartbroken.

46) Some People Can’t Sleep Because They Have Insomnia. I Can’t Sleep Because I Have A Internet Connection.

47) I Hate Insomnia, Because It Puts Me Into A State Of Reminiscing Memories That I Don’t Want To Think About.

48) Sleeping Without A Bra Improves Quality Of Sleep By Over 95% And Is And Effective Way To Treating Insomnia.

49) Nowadays, People Confuse Insomnia With A Lack Of Will To Turn Off Electronic Devices And Logout Of Social Networks. ( Insomnia Quotes )

50) All It Takes Is A Beautiful Fake Smiles To Hide An Injured Soul And They Will Never Notice How Broken You Really Are.

51) Me: Let Me Sleep. Brain : LOL No, Let’s Stay Awake And Remember Every Stupid Decision You Made In Your Life. Me: Okay.

52) Insomnia Is More Common For Those Who Have A High I.Q. Intelligent People Have A Harder Time Switching Off Their Brain.

53) Very Private People Have Mastered The Art Of Telling You Little About Themselves But Doing It In A Such A Way You Think You Know A Lot.

54) 2AM’S Were Made For Poets, Lovers/Writers, Visionaries, Photographers, Painters, Over thinkers, Silent Seeker. There Are My Favorite Hours.

55) Insomnia Sharpens Your Math Skills Because You Spend All Night Calculating How Much Sleep You’ll Get If You’re Able To “Fall Asleep Right Now.